The 12 designers from the 2019 Miromoda Annual Fashion Design Competition who will feature in the Miromoda Sneak Peek (Tuesday 27 August) and the Miromoda Showcase (5pm Thursday 29 August) at New Zealand Fashion Week are:

Emerging Category - Nash Karaitiana  (Overall Supreme Winner) Erana Kaa, Mitchell Manuel, Briar Zeitoun and Tasha Sinclair. 


Established Category - AJ Bradley, Glen MacVicious, Taongahuia Maxwell and Te Orihau Karaitiana.

Avante Garde - Cheremene Castle ( AJ Park Innovation Winner) Nichola Te Kiri and Paulette Teatai-Ariki


MIROMODA Annual Fashion Design Competition (Closed for 2019)

MIROMODA's core business is to provide business opportunities for emerging and established Māori fashion designers to participate predominantly in the fashion and apparel industry and associated sectors including tourism, business development and the creative sectors.

MIROMODA and New Zealand Fashion Week founder Dame Pieter Stewart, have created an endowment to support the next generation of Māori fashion designers. MIROMODA primarily achieves this by organising an annual Māori Fashion Design Awards Competition which informs who will feature in the MIROMODA Showcase at New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW).




MIROMODA the Indigenous Māori Fashion Apparel Board (IMFAB) entity formed in 2008 and debuted at NZ Fashion Week in 2009. Now it it's tenth year, this year’s competition was held at the Michael Fowler Center June 29 2019 in Wellington, with a judging panel made up of Dame Pieter Stewart, founder of NZ Fashion Week, fashion heavy-weight Adrian Hailwood and RNZ National Presenter Sonia Sly.

This year’s annual competition once again attracted new talent in fashion design that often draws on cultural themes for inspiration.

The Miromoda competition opens up the chance for fashion designers to tap into the incredible experience of business and industry leaders on a one-on-one basis through the judging panel.



Nash Karaitiana


Cheremene Castle


  • Nash Karaitiana

  • Erana Kaa​

  • Mitchell Manuel

  • Briar Zeitoun

  • Tasha Sinclair


  • AJ Bradley

  • Glen MacVicious

  • Taongahuia Maxwell

  • Te Orihau Karaitiana


  • Cheremene Castle

  • Nichola Te Kiri

  • Paulette Teatai-Ariki

MIROMODA the Indigenous Māori Fashion Apparel Board (IMFAB) invites and encourages all designers who identify as Māori to enter the Miromoda Fashion Design Awards Competition 2019. The winners and runners-up of each category (Established, Emerging & Avant Guard) will showcase their collections at New Zealand Fashion Week, late August 2019 in Auckland.

In 2019, we place particular emphasis on a commercial commitment, both on the part of the Miromoda designers and the entity. Miromoda acknowledges the importance of commercial potential and the rare opportunity for Māori fashion designers to participate at NZ Fashion Week. Entries that demonstrate viability of commercial collections suitable for online, wholesale and retail business were strongly encouraged to enter.

For further information please contact: 
Ata Te Kanawa 
Mobile: +64 27 554 3382


MIROMODA is eternally grateful for the sponsorship support it has received over the past nine years. With its 10th year milestone, MIROMODA proactively seeks engagement with potential sponsors and/or partners.

Please feel free to call 027 5543382 to discuss or email any enquiries you might have to



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