Miromoda prepares for NZ Fashion Week and REAL New Zealand Festival

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Top Maori fashion designers will not only showcase at Auckland’s NZ Fashion Week in late August, but an invited 10 from current and previous Miromoda showcases will slot into the Miromoda Fashion Extravaganza which is part of the REAL New Zealand Festival that runs alongside the 2011 Rugby World Cup, at Wellington’s TSB Arena in late September.

Co-founder Ata Te Kanawa of Miromoda: The Indigenous Maori Fashion Apparel Board, says the Miromoda brand continues to gather strength and momentum as it becomes part of NZ Fashion Week’s hefty media machine, as well as it’s featured billing on the REAL New Zealand Festival and Wellington City Council websites.

“The televised daily reminders of how many days left to Rugby World Cup are constant reminders that our preparation for both NZ Fashion Week and our Fashion Extravaganza is meeting organisational timeframes and deadlines,” says Te Kanawa.

No less than nine restaurants and bars within close proximity to the TSB have been secured to host VIP and GLAM off site pre-show soirees. She says the focus is primarily on three key components of the Fashion Extravaganza shows that will include a collection of 10 kakahu (traditionally made ceremonial cloaks) extracted from private collections held in museums to acknowledge Maori traditional fashion.  There will also be a trade hall section featuring high-end Maori fashion related product and of course a catwalk show will present contemporary and market ready fashion.

Te Kanawa was not willing to elaborate on other planned add-ons except to acknowledge the kakahu exhibition has a French/Maori family connection, the VIP packages at three venues will have their own special host and the GLAM packages are specifically designed for the ‘chicky babe’ audience.

Aligned with the Wellington City Council’s month long Carnival Festivale and on the eve of France vs Tonga (Sat Oct 1) and NZ All Blacks vs Canada (Sun Oct 2) games, Project Coordinator, Terina Cowan says as organisers of the Miromoda Fashion Extravaganza which will see matinee and evening shows, working with other businesses in central Wellington has been heartening, “they get it because everyone want a piece of fashion, the bars, the taxi drivers, the general public and of course we hope the many visitors get to taste indigenous fashion with effervescence alongside the hype of Rugby World Cup,” says Cowan.

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