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Describe your collection in 5 words.

Excruciatingly cool. Elegant yet comfortable. Colourful, Polynesian.

It’s a mixture of two different cultures – French and Maori.  The aim of our collection is to join collections together through art.

What’s your favourite part of the collection?

One of our sponsor’s and their material – Perino.  It’s a blend of possum, silk and merino. It’s super soft and light and even better – it’s cheaper than cashmere.   All the shoes we’re using are one’s I’ve designed myself too.

What was your inspiration for the collection?

We just sat down and came up with ideas. It’s so rewarding to make the clothing, almost a proof of concept. Meeting each other was also helpful – we both inspire each other.

If you could describe your collection in one word, what would it be?

Angela: Matissage. It’s the French word basically meaning the mixing of two cultures.

Maree: Mixology – it’s kind of the English alternative.


How is this collection different to the one you showed on Tuesday?

Tuesday’s was my summer collection and this is my Spring collection.  The colours are different, and we have more jackets and longer sleeves.

I’m actually more excited for this show than for the New Generation show. This feels a lot more like a community.

What are the main colours you used in this collection?

Navy, gold cream and white.

What was the inspiration for this collection?

My Maori heritage. I also recently got married, so the inspiration for the collection is drawn from both of them.

What are three main inspirations for your collection?

Fabrics – I’m a magpie for shiny fabrics. I wouldn’t say I’m inspired by different trends, but you can’t help being subconsciously influenced.

If you could describe your collection in three words, what would they be?

Glam, wearable and feminine.


If you could describe your design aesthetic in five words, what would they be?

Slick, romantic, sophisticated, edgy. I wouldn’t say feminine, it is more a feminist approach.

Are you excited to be here at Miramoda?

Yes! I’ve only had about two hours sleep, and no coffee either. The atmosphere at the moment is what’s keeping me awake.

What’s the inspiration of your collection?

It was originally based on the hardships of a becoming a Maori fashion designer. But, after winning the Miramoda competition, I realised it actually wasn’t that hard. It’s developed since into ‘Otukapaurangi’ which is inspired by the pink and white terraces.   I’m half Maori and half Italian, so it’s the merging of the two cultures. It’s a lot more colourful and lighter than my original collection.  The collection showing is my avent garde collection, but I also have a ready to wear collection.

What are three words to describe your collection?

Nature and Versace. Ethereal.


Describe your collection in five words?

Effortless, ready-to-wear, feminine, fun and with a little menswear influence.

We have both pink metallic and chambray.

Is this your first year at Miramoda?

Nope – this is my third year. I’m still as excited as I was for the first time.

What’s your statement piece from the collection?

Definitely my watermelon print – it’s an alternative to the pineapple print that everyone seems to be using.

What was the inspiration for your collection?

I started out interning at Zebel, where they used a lot of prints, which I wanted to incorporate into my collection. I also love how Karen Walker is incorporating a more boyish loose fit style into her collection, which I wanted to reflect in mine.

If you could describe your collection in one word, what would it be?



What three words would you use to describe your design aesthetic?

Contemporary, urban streetwear. All of it is done in a way to represent my Maori culture.

Are you excited for the Miramoda show?

Very- this is my first time here.

What was the inspiration behind your collection?

I took a lot of inspiration from my nan and her culture. 

What would you say is the statement piece from your collection?

All my outfits include one knitted piece. They’re made by arm knitting. I wanted to make handmade pieces, and stumble on this idea by accident. I knitted up some wool and started pulling the loops and realised I could make them into different versatile pieces.

What were three of you inspirations for the collection?

Family, celebrities and street wear. I will just walk down the street, see some ones outfit which will then lead me to creating a look.


Describe in 5 words your design aesthetic and vibe.

Aggressive, Hard, Raw, Canvas and creating a sporty aggressive look.

What is your statement piece out of your collection?

Probably the last piece – its combination of a sports style and aggression.

What was your inspiration?

Confidence, around the world, aggression

Name 3 top influences to you as a designer.

Sports, military and life

Sum up your collection in one or a couple of words.



Tell us about the inspiration for your collection Locked Up.

The collection is based on the fact that Maori make up 50% of prison population and only 15% general population outside.

Are you excited to be showing at Miromoda today at NZFW?

Yeah, feeling really good – pumped and a little on edge.

What statement do you want to make today?

Well the collection is hopefully going to be a bit of surprise and shock; we are playing on having actual criminal records showing.

Sum up in one word Locked Up



Describe to us in a couple of words your design aesthetic.

Nostalgic, cultural influences, and vintage take on Maori design.

Are you excited to be a part of Miromoda?

I’ve been a part of Miromoda for 4 years but still very excited. It’s a really big show and great exposure for Maori Designers at NZFW.

What is your statement piece out of Maoriana?

My statement is probably the use of motifs and symbols I’ve use. The pineapple print that has been so popular I’ve changed it to a flax bush – also taken the rowing oars and make them Poi Poi’s. I am all about putting a spin to make it

DESIGNER / Maoriana, Kylie Mangan: Tuku Tuku

Describe to us in a couple of words your design aesthetic.

Street, feminine and chic with a little bit of street to evening

Tell us about your collection Tuku Tuku

Effortless fashion, the goal is to make timeless pieces for women – of course black – we love black but this year I have a little red/maroon.

Are you excited to be showing at Miromoda today?

I am honored and thankful to Miromoda – wouldn’t be here without them and Ata Te Kanawa.


Describe to us what you collection The Travellers is about.

It is based around the idea of travel – the love of travel – migration. A lot of layers, inspired by the typical 4 seasons in one day Auckland weather.

Are you excited to be a part of Miromoda?

Good, excited – this is my second year.

Describe in a couple of words your design aesthetic and vibe.

Some pieces are quite tailored and come under being quite rebellious. It’s all about street wear but high-end street wear.

Do you have any statement pieces in The Travellers?

I’ve used Cashmere wool and faux fur for the first time so probably that and creating the 5 panel caps.


Tell us about your collection.

This collection is all about celebrity dressing. My goal all about the waist – emphasis it, men don’t have waists so I want all women to flaunt it. Power dressing, control and dressing up.

What fabrics have were used in this collection?

Silk velvets, gold and silver metallics and black.

Are you excited to be a part of Miromoda? Is this your first time?

Yes, first time showing in Miromoda, I am very excited.

What are your Top 3 influences to you as a designer?

Celebrity culture, god, and romance.

Sum up your collection Art of Fame in one word.



What beauty looks have you gone for the Miramoda show?

We’ve gone for a really bold edged eye liner. Kind of an extreme cat flick using the liquid Eyeliner. We wanted a lick wet look on the lips, and went for a coral lip.  For the eyes we used a dark blue eye shadow.

Tell us about the products you’re using;

We’re using the Pheonix crème liner for the bold eye shadow. We’re also using a lot of bronzer on the face to keep it nice and sculpted.  We’re using the custom blend foundation as a base.

What was the inspiration for the look?

We got given a brief for the look, which was underwater.


What was the inspiration for the look?

We wanted to keep it all about the clothes. We’re keeping the hair very on trend.  It’s all about keeping it sleek and shiny. We wanted severe partings – either centered or at the side, we wanted to flatter all the models face shapes. We also wanted to expose the forehead.

What are the main products you have been loving?

The first one is from the OSIS range – Gelastic.  This keeps the hair slicked back.  The other is the Aqua Slide. This is more of a putty, which gives the hair the wet look.  We’re mixing the two and putting them on the hair. They set the hair on top, but at the ends of the hair, it’s left free flowing.



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